Oct 012009


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Episode 26 is here. It almost didn’t happen since Michael was playing remote helpdesk dude for a relative from his hotel room in Dallas right before the recording, but we got it worked out. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Michael’s New NAISG Group are having their first meeting on Nov 2, 2009 in Houston, TX. – Houston Chapter Website / Email Link
  • Power Grid Takedown – a HowTO – Link Here
  • Court Ruling – Disloyal Computing is Not Illegal – Link Here
  • New OWASP Sponsored Web App Firewall – Link Here
  • MS Gets into the AV Game … Again…with latest release – Link 1 / Link 2
  • Trojans getting Smarter – Link Here
  • PCI DSS Update Could Include Virtualization Security – Link Here

Discussion Topic –

Encouraging Bad Behavior via marketing (Identity Guard Commercials)


Consultants Corner – Predicting what Security Consulting will be like in the future – Link Here

Music notes –


May 182009


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So, we officially have our first lost episode. I recorded episode 18 a while back with Michael Santarcangelo, but we had some crazy technical problems. When I tried to get everything edited together to make it work, I started having some major problems. Without getting into all the details, the recording was not salvageable. Sorry to Michael for this since I know he took his valuable time to record with me.

So know we have episode 19. I guess we could have just said this one was episode 18 and went on, but we are honest people over here at An Information Security Place Podcast. And as far as episode 19 goes, Jim and I have been balls-to-the-wall busy lately, and I have had a crazy schedule for over a month. Jim got a break in his schedule (probably more like forced a break) and coerced Kirk Greene to help him out in my place. And then Jim had some technical problems as well and ended up recording the last 15 minutes by himself (or Kirk pissed him off – not sure which). Yes, it has been a crazy time for us. But we are back, and hopefully we will get back on a regular schedule.

Now, here are the show notes for episode 19:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Warm Fuzzy Story – Many Users say they’d sell company info for the right price! – Link Here
  • Another Twitter Admin Account Compromised – Link Here
  • New Tools Emerge To Ease Enterprise Fear Of Firewall Swapping – Link Here
  • Acrobat with Yet Another 0-day – Link Here
  • Feb Bank Worker charged with Data Theft – Link Here
  • More Federal Reg ‘a’ Coming for Power companies – Link Here
  • Thats gonna leave a mark! – Multiple Vulns found on Mcaffee’s website – Link Here
  • Hacker’s demand: $10M for Virginia prescriptions database – Link Here
  • Economy Note – Security Suffers Cuts but fares better than most – Link Here

Geek Toys –

Consultants Corner – DIY Security Testing Lab

Music Notes: