Aug 202009


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We’re back with episode 23.  Jim is back (you can decide if that is good news or bad news), and Dan Kuykendall is joining us again (calls himself the guest that won’t leave the couch).  Thanks for listening…

Show notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Big Thank You to all our Clients and the folks that stopped by the Booth and our party at BlackHat!
  • UK ID card Hacked/Cloned in 12 Minutes – Link Here
  • “Mega breaches” use preventable attacks – Link Here
  • Hackers target outsourced app development – Link Here
  • National Retail Federation still struggling with PCI – Link Here
  • Reset Password problems, and reusing passwords in general:
  • “FILE UNDER DUH” – Study warns of cyberwarfare during military conflicts – Link Here

Discusstion Topic – Web Security On Cell Phones – Link Here

Geek Toyz –

Music Notes: