Jun 032010


So do we suck or what? Sorry that its taken so long for us to get another episode out… things have been crazy busy for all of us.

Anyway for this episode, Dan and Jim found themselves with 30 minutes or so of spare time, not much of a script, and working mics (Michael was working on a couple of proposals and an RFP that is due in two days); so they sat down and simply recorded an unscripted show of rambling about things that are going on for the moment.

Info Sec News Moments:

  • Kudos to MS’ IE 8 Add Campaign – Link Here
  • Jim’s 4.5 Seconds of fame – DenverGov website Hack – Link Here
  • Android and the SMS Rootkit Hack – Link Here
  • Google Ditching Windows due to Security Concerns – Link Here
  • Denver OWASP – SnowFroc Con – Link Here

Music Notes:

Link to MP3

Dec 112009

Link to MP3

OK, this was just a stupid, crazy episode, and fun episode. We had technical hiccups, a roving co-host that likes to text another cohost, plus this episode is late getting recorded because of end-of-year schedule. but we got through it, and I think you are really going to enjoy the randomness…

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update and Geek Toys Update –

  • T-Mobile Employee causes largest data theft in the UK – Link Here
  • Government Security Woes
    Story 1 – 5 TSA workers put on leave over online posting – Link here
    Story 2 – The Party Crashing Scandal – Link Here
    Story 3 – Felon working for DHS for 2 years – Link Here
  • Nessus 4.2 is released – Link Here
  • Rapid7 and Metasploit Community Projects – Link 1 / Link 2
  • ProxMark3 now shipping completed RFID read/write/clone kits – Link here
  • Moxie launched cloud-based WPA password Cracking – Link Here
  • Cure for Eye Strain – Gunnar Glasses – Link Here

Discussion Topic –

Changes to OWASP standard for 2010 –

Link Here

Consultants Corner – Picking your tools wisely… 2009/2010 update

Music Notes –

Oct 012009


Link to MP3

Episode 26 is here. It almost didn’t happen since Michael was playing remote helpdesk dude for a relative from his hotel room in Dallas right before the recording, but we got it worked out. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Michael’s New NAISG Group are having their first meeting on Nov 2, 2009 in Houston, TX. – Houston Chapter Website / Email Link
  • Power Grid Takedown – a HowTO – Link Here
  • Court Ruling – Disloyal Computing is Not Illegal – Link Here
  • New OWASP Sponsored Web App Firewall – Link Here
  • MS Gets into the AV Game … Again…with latest release – Link 1 / Link 2
  • Trojans getting Smarter – Link Here
  • PCI DSS Update Could Include Virtualization Security – Link Here

Discussion Topic –

Encouraging Bad Behavior via marketing (Identity Guard Commercials)


Consultants Corner – Predicting what Security Consulting will be like in the future – Link Here

Music notes –