Feb 052010


Everyone was here for this episode (meaning Dan, Jim, and Michael), and it was pretty much on schedule this time. We do the normal cutting up, then talk about news and start discussing stuff. Then Dan puts the hurt down on some developer geek speak. You will definitely learn  from stuff from this episode (as opposed to the drivel you get from most of our episodes).  Very good stuff.

BTW, the format of the posts are changing just a bit. While the podcast player will stay where it usually is at the top of the post, the link to the file will now be below the posts. This is changing because when iTunes picks up the text from the feed, it throws the “Link to MP3” text at the top, and it looks weird when looking at the show description in iTunes. Just a minor change really, but just wanted to point it out here in case that is where you grab the file. OK, now on to the show!

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

Discussion Topic #1 – Laptops on Hostile Networks – Link Here

Discussion Topic #2 – DK’s Web App Security Minute… and then some :)

Music Notes:

Link to MP3

Oct 162008


Link to MP3

Show notes:
Segment 1 – InfoSec News Update

Interview Segment:

Geek Toys: Jasager on the FON Router – Watch Episodes 403 and 405 of Hak5 or hop over to DigiNinja’s Jasager page

Consultants Corner: Discussion on doing some due diligence on checking vendor claims.  Open discussion on the recent Evil Bits Darkreading blog post

Music Notes:

  • Intro/Outro – Digital Breaks – “Therapy”
  • Segway 1 – Jimmie Bratcher – “Bad Religion”
  • Segway 2 – The Erotics – “Walk All Over You”
  • Segway 3 – Megaphone – “Not Your Enemy”
  • Segway 4 – Kickstart – “Theme Song”