Jun 032010


So do we suck or what? Sorry that its taken so long for us to get another episode out… things have been crazy busy for all of us.

Anyway for this episode, Dan and Jim found themselves with 30 minutes or so of spare time, not much of a script, and working mics (Michael was working on a couple of proposals and an RFP that is due in two days); so they sat down and simply recorded an unscripted show of rambling about things that are going on for the moment.

Info Sec News Moments:

  • Kudos to MS’ IE 8 Add Campaign – Link Here
  • Jim’s 4.5 Seconds of fame – DenverGov website Hack – Link Here
  • Android and the SMS Rootkit Hack – Link Here
  • Google Ditching Windows due to Security Concerns – Link Here
  • Denver OWASP – SnowFroc Con – Link Here

Music Notes:

Link to MP3

Feb 182010


OK, holy crap.  We expected this episode to be pretty short since Jim was not around to add his golden commentary, but we got to yappin’ and churned out almost an hour of content (I use that term loosely).  So enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Iran Shutters Google’s Gmail Service, offering own email for citizens – Link here
  • Security Scoreboard – Link here
  • Brian Kreb’s has blog post used by scammers – Link here and Sophos article link here
  • The Death of Product Reviews (Mike Rothman at Securosis) – Link here
  • TSA agent arrested for molestation – Link here
We won’t get intot he details here because this guy is sick, but I had to point out this line from the TSA blog about the issue:
“TSA holds the highest standards for our workforce and this individual’s actions do not reflect on the more than 50,000 men and women who work every day to keep the traveling public safe.”
  • Hacker threat forces DoH to close appraisal site (Political Activist?) – Link here
Discussion Topic – Smaller, more intimate security conferences (Security B-Sides, Schmoocon, etc)
Jan 262010


Link to MP3

The first podcast of the new year is here, and it is a nice round number! That is sweet! So please forgive any weirdness in the way this episode sounds. It was put together over a couple of weeks doing interviews here and there with vendors as well as each other while we were at our (Michael and Jim) employer’s annual company meeting. Jim is a miracle worker, but even he could not make it completely fluid!

Also, because of scheduling, Dan did not get to join us. But Jim and I were fortunate enough to be joined by coworker and wireless uber-beast, Mr. Tyler Theys. I think you will enjoy this episode, even with all the weirdness!

Show Notes:

Info Sec News Update –

  • Jim, Michael, and Tyler talk about all the Google Hacking – Link Here

Interview #1 –Michael with Roger Hegland of TruARX

Interview #2 – Jim with Mike Tuchen of Rapid7

“Added Bonus to Our Listeners”

Going to RSA? Join Rapid7 on March 3rd for a party at Ruby Skye. Get on the VIP list for the evening everyone else will be talking about at RSA 2010: www.rapid7.com/forms/rsarsvp.jsp

Discussion Topic – PCI in the Gaming Industry

Music Notes –