Nov 122009


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OK, Episode 27 is FINALLY here.  Sincere apologies to all of our listeners.  We really could not avoid the long break.  Work and family and everything else seriously pounded us this time.  ENJOY!

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • FTC Orders ChoicePoint To Pay $275,000 For 2008 Data Breach – Link Here
  • Senator says the cybersecurity chief should be in DHS, not the White house – Link Here
  • Major SSL Flaw Find Prompts Protocol Update – Link Here
  • Jailbroken iPhones more vulnerable to attack; ikee worm Rick Rolls iPhone users – Link Here
  • New FDIC Phishing Attack – Link Here
  • MSFT trying to walk the annoyance / security fine line with toned down User Access Control (UAC) in Windows 7 – Link Here
  • Awesomely funny story about an IT engineer in Iraq annoying the troops with some bogus war driving – Link Here

Discussion Topic – Highlights from Michael’s NAISG Chapter Meeting

Geek Toys – “Ideas to get your Geek for Christmas”

Music notes –

Feb 122009


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Here is episode 15. There was a lot to cover in this episode.  Jim and I were in discussion mode, so be prepared to sit down for a while longer than normal this time.  Jim and I were also in a joking mood and consequently cracked ourselves up on this episode, so enjoy the laughter and comedy at a fellow human’s expense.

BTW, I am a milestone guy, and any time a “0” or a “5” is at the end of the episode number, I think it is cool. So 15 is a cool number to me. On to the show notes.

Show notes:

InfoSec News Update: whole lot of crap!

Discussion: File Under DUH! Unauthorized Web Use On The Rise

Consultants Corner: How does “Compliant” equal Owned?

Music Notes: