Feb 262009


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Episode 16 is up and running.  Jim and I cover a lot of news again in this episode.  Also, Jim goes a little crazy with the geek toys, but it is all really cool stuff and good info.  We get into some PCI futures, playing off of Rich Mogull’s ideas on the subject.  And we have a good cert discussion as well.

Show notes:

InfoSec News Update:

Discussion: Continued from Martin’s Network Security Podcast Episode 139 and Rich’s post – Will Outbound monitoring and filtering be the next PCI requirement?
Geek Toys:

Consultants Corner: Top three security certifications (uhhh, yeah…)

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Feb 122009


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Here is episode 15. There was a lot to cover in this episode.  Jim and I were in discussion mode, so be prepared to sit down for a while longer than normal this time.  Jim and I were also in a joking mood and consequently cracked ourselves up on this episode, so enjoy the laughter and comedy at a fellow human’s expense.

BTW, I am a milestone guy, and any time a “0” or a “5” is at the end of the episode number, I think it is cool. So 15 is a cool number to me. On to the show notes.

Show notes:

InfoSec News Update: whole lot of crap!

Discussion: File Under DUH! Unauthorized Web Use On The Rise

Consultants Corner: How does “Compliant” equal Owned?

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Jan 292009


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Episode 14 is here. First off, let me thank everyone that is listening to Jim and me spout off about everything. Fourteen shows does not seem like a big number, but it involves a lot of work getting this going (especially on Jim’s part – thanks Jim) and keeping it going, and Jim and I appreciate everyone sticking in there with us.

Second, we have made some changes with my setup, so there might be a sound difference and some issues with this episode. Forgive us as we get some new kinks worked out.

Third, this episode includes an interview with Mike Rothman from eIQnetworks. You might know him better as that guy from Security Incite that has a yankee accent and tells everyone what he is thinking. Either way, Mike is a great guy and a great friend, and I was honored to interview him. I think you will enjoy that portion of the show.

And lastly, there is a programming note. The geek toys segment that is brought to you by Jim every show is now going to be made more of a quarterly thing. The reason is because Jim has to find something to talk about every time, and it is getting a little more difficult to find something for every show.

Here’s the breakdown of the show.

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update: there’s been a lot happening the last two weeks

DiscussionNew president declares his plan for US Cyber Security (more cynicism from Michael)

Vendor Interview – Michael interviews Mike Rothman from eIQnetworks

Consultants Corner –Combining compliance initiatives and what that means for security practices

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