Jul 092009


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Episode 21 is up and going. Looks like Jim and I are back on a regular cycle again. Hopefully it stays that way! Here are the show notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Goldman Sachs looses its secret sauce online – Link Here
  • Fed gets and F on Physical Security – Link Here
  • North Korea Blamed in Cyber Attacks over July 4th – Link Here
  • Juniper Pulls ATM hacking preso from BH – Link Here
  • Month of Twitter Bugs – Link Here
  • 10 Things Your Auditor Isn’t Telling Your – Link Here
  • New head of MI6 wears Speedos on Facebook – Link Here
  • Algorithm for Predicting and guessing SSNs – Link Here
  • Iphone SMS Vulnerability – Link Here
  • Study – Oracle Users struggle with patch management – Link Here

Discussion Topic – Cloud Computing – is it a security nightmare waiting to happen? – Link Here

Consultants Corner – Developing an offering before going public!

Music Notes:

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