Feb 042011


Thomas Jefferson said, “Delay is preferable to error.” Martin Luther said, “Who waits until circumstances completely favor his undertaking will never accomplish anything.” So depending on which quote you like, we either took a long time to record a new episode so we would do it right, or we are just a bunch of slackers. I prefer the former, but I am biased…

In either case, we’re back, and in the immortal words of Rivethead, we’re “Stirring It Up Again” (you’ll read about Riverthead below and hear about them in the podcast).  Jim, Dan, and I got together on a cold and stormy night (at least in Houston and Denver) to talk about all things InfoSec.  Show notes are below.  Oh, and yes, we are going with a new theme for numbering our episodes.  I think it takes away the pressure a little myself since I don’t have to worry about huge numbers for episodes.  Of course, I’ll have to count now, which sucks (thanks Jim).

Show Notes:

InfoSec News Update –

  • Study shows non-compliance more expensive than compliance (study was sponsored by Tripwire) – Article Link / Report Link
  • Security Fail – When Trusted IT members go bad!! – Link Here
  • “It’s a CIO’s worst nightmare: You get a call from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), saying that some of the Microsoft software your company uses might be pirated.

    You investigate and find that not only is your software illegal, it was sold to you by a company secretly owned and operated by none other than your own IT systems administrator,
    a trusted employee for seven years. When you start digging into the admin’s activities, you find a for-pay porn Web site he’s been running on one of your corporate servers.
    Then you find that he’s downloaded 400 customer credit card numbers from your e-commerce server.

    And here’s the worst part: He’s the only one with the administrative passwords.”

  • Looking back at old security news – have we made progress?? – Link Here (Registration required for full article)
  • A SLOW Death! – Link Here
  • Egypt gets Internet connection back – Link Here
  • Ever Cookie’s Anyone? – Link Here

Discussion Topic #1 – CSRF and Clickjacking – Link Here

Music Notes:

Special Thanks to the guys at RivetHead for use of their tracks – http://www.rivetheadonline.com/

Tour dates:

  • Feb 19th – Playing Curtain Club Dallas, TX
  • Feb 26th –  in Carlsbad, NM
  • March 19th – American Airlines Center at a Dallas Stars Hockey game
  • Intro – RivetHead – “Stirring It Up Again”
  • Outro – RivetHead – “Zero Gravity”
  • Link to MP3

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