Mar 122010


Yes, the logo is weird this time.  If you can’t tell what it is, maybe this will help.  For the first time ever (and probably the only time since I don’t get to Atlanta much), An Information Security Place Podcast has joined forces with the  Southern Fried Security Podcast to create a joint episode.  Can you see it now??  Yes, that is the logo for An Information Security Place Podcast placed over Colonel Sander’s face (he is the patron saint for the SFS podcast).  Yea,  I thought it was actually kinda freaky, too.  but what else do I have to do with my time??

So we joined forces for a couple of reasons:

  1. Because I was in Atlanta to speak about security assessments at the local NAISG chapter.
  2. I begged Martin to let me post it up as episode 33 over here since Dan, Jim and I haven’t had a chance to record yet, and this makes it all better!

So we stayed in the same room where the event was held and got irradiated by a myriad of computer and sound equipment while recording the podcast.  I had to wear someone’s headset, and now I have some kind of weird rash and some minor swelling around my ears.  And to make it even more fun, Mike Rothman sat across from us the whole time and heckled us.  What a night.

Actually, I had an awesome time.  Very good times with very good friends.  Thanks to the whole Atlanta NAISG crew and the SFS podcast crew (Andy Willingham, Martin Fisher, and Steve Ragan) for inviting me in with typical southern hospitality (even though Steve is a Yankee).

As to show notes, I am lazy.  I am only going to have one note (below) because it is the one news item that I brought along and the ONLY one that Andy didn’t include in his notes (in fairness, I never sent him the link).  Here’s a link to the SFS podcast site with the rest of the notes.   (Hey, Andy did the hard work – why duplicate efforts??)

  • Caleb Sima says that developers shouldn’t learn anything about security – Link here

Link to MP3


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