Mar 192009


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Here is Episode 17. Sorry for the delay in getting it out. Last week was extremely rough for Jim and I, but we are back at full strength now. Well, maybe 85% strength anyway 🙂

In this show Jim and I relate the latest news as always, then we have some discussion about layoffs and how that is causing a lot of orphaned hardware and software. Then we discuss some challenges for the consultant in walking the mind field of politics at client companies.

Also, we had some listener feedback from Geir. He was busting on us a bit about our saying you need to patch your stuff when we were talking about 0day. Thanks for keeping us straight Geir. If you want to send feedback, you can send it to

Here are the show notes:

InfoSec News Update:

  • Follow up – Another Payment Processor Has Been Hacked – Visa says JUST KIDDING! – Link Here – This Just In – A new timeline of the Unnamed Processor – Link Here
  • Gartner – Nearly 8 Percent of U.S. Adults Lost Money To Financial Fraud in ‘08 – Link Here
  • Federal cybersecurity director quits, complains of NSA role – Link Here
  • Health Records Show Up in Yard – Link Here
  • Study: Antivirus Software Catches About Half Of Malware – Link Here
  • MS Finally killing off AutoRun – Link Here
  • Marine One data leak – Link Here
  • The Return of L0phtCrack!! – Link Here
  • WarVox Released – Link Here
  • Theives Steal the Show at Cebit – Link Here
  • Checklist for complying with PCI security standard – Link Here / Link To Checklist

Discussion – Orphaned hardware and Software – Link Here

Consultant’s Corner – Dealing with political landscapes at your client’s company

Music Notes: